New York Times article
on the rise of lower caste (Nadar) people in southern India. Interesting comparison to the people of the same caste in the north.

“While in the south lower caste members concentrated on economic development and education as a route to prosperity, in the north the chief aim of caste-based groups has been political power and its spoils. As a result India‚Äôs northern lower castes tend to be less educated and less prosperous than their southern counterparts.”

I like this too:

“Because these movements arose before independence and the possibility of elected political power, they focused on issues like dignity, education, and self-reliance, Mr. Varshney said.

Nadars created business associations to provide entrepreneurs with credit they could not get from banks. They started charities to pay for education for poor children. They built their own temples and marriage halls to avoid upper caste discrimination.”

You can spend your time protesting and marching on city hall or you can RISE UP.

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