We don’t think about orphans here in the U.S. It’s so abstract. It’s so something out of Dickens, right? But there are millions of children worldwide who have no parents. There are lots of organizations you can give to in order to help.

I had a conversation the other night with my friend Jeremy Handysides who’s working with World Orphans. He had great things to say about them particularly in their approach which involves working within the local cultures where they’re helping, partnering with the local people and churches. Jeremy referred to them as the “most culturally sensitive” organization he’s worked with. I’m sponsoring Jeremy on a monthly basis now, but he said even if he doesn’t ever make enough to work with World Orphans full time he’s going to keep doing it no matter what. Which is why you should support him too!

http://helptheleast.org (Jeremy’s site)


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