Got the following in my inbox the other day. Pablo, I gotta send you some comic books!:

My name Pablo Noel, im from Chile, today i was working as usual, listening some tunes and suddenly face to face starts to play disconnected, and i dont know why the images of Kleeman and Mike in Jaime’s Taco Shop comes to my mind, it was magical, i havent enought time these last months to take my board and skate, neither to surf, and your cartoons always cheers me up, it was hard to remember the website, but finally i found it.

Dude you make my day, not once but multiple times on my life, thanks for sharing your work and make this world a little better.

Cheers and hugs from the tail of South America.


The cartoon Pablo is referring to is Kleeman and Mike in Jaime’s Taco Shop. The cartoon opens with the song “Disconnected” by the band Face to Face.

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